Wichita, Kansas USA

Bemo USA Corporation, located Mesa Arizona, roll-formed hundreds of metal roof panels on-site in Wichita Kansas. McConnell Air Force Base is home to the Air Mobility Command’s 22nd Air refueling Wing, Air Force Reserve Command’s 931st Air Refueling Group and the Kansas Air National Guard’s 184th Intelligence Wing. McConnell AFB is the base of operation for the KC-135R Stratotanker and the new Boeing KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling tanker, each aircraft requires extremely large hangers for storage and maintenance.

With the highly transportable BEMO Mobile Factory Mills, custom length panels were roll-formed on-site while the mill was lifted to roof elevation. BEMO 400mm 22ga. Galvalume, finished with a 1.0ml PVDF coating, were roll-formed in continuous lengths of 105’ for 1 Bay, 232’ for 2 Bay and 115’ for 3 Bay. In total, more than 480,000 SF of BEMO standing seam metal roof panels were fabricated. To meet the wind load standards for the plains state, more than 54,000 BEMO Sliding Hook Clips were installed to secure the panels.

The project included three hangers, 1 Bay, 2 Bay and 3 Bay. The hangers were built for the new Boeing KC-46 Pegasus and each hanger has a specific function and appearance. 1 Bay is a single hanger designed for general maintenance with only a single hanger bay. 2 Bay contains two separate hangers, one that function as large paint booth complete with a massive air filtering system and the other side as a fuel conditioning hanger. Finally, 3 Bay, the largest building with three separate hangers, is for general maintenance and aircraft storage.

Finally, BEMO RoofSafe Cable and BEMO RoofSafe Anchor fall safety systems were installed to protect maintenance personnel.

Bemo USA Corporation, located in Mesa, Arizona USA and is a world leader in standing seam metal roofing and wall systems. With projects that span the world, Bemo USA’s gleaming roofs can be found on airports, sports complexes, distribution centers and transportation hubs around the globe. For more information please refer to www.bemousa.com or contact Odis Sutterfield, Jr at 877-530-2366.