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Testing and Certifications

BEMO systems, components and solution packages have been certified for a variety of countries by bodies such as FM Approvals, BBA and DIBt.


Independently tested systems and components – with BEMO, you’re in safe hands.

We can provide detailed designs for your project, including custom roofing solutions created using individual BEMO components. Whether you need materials that meet the highest thermal or acoustic standards, or are highly resistant to corrosion, BEMO has a broad range of tested and certified systems and components.

We calculate the load-bearing capacity in line with international norms and standards, and can support you by creating a 3D model, or by developing a plan for efficient logistics and installation in accordance with your specific project.




  • FM Approvals: BEMO 305 and BEMO 400
    British, German and Singapore Standards


  • ASTM1592: Structural performance of BEMO sheet metal roof with aluminum halter
  • ASTM1592: Structural performance of BEMO sheet metal roof with HOOK halter
  • UL94 Standard for test for flammability of plastics materials for devices and parts
  • DIN 18234-2 for glass-fiber reinforced Bemo thermal halters
    ASTM D3916-08 Standard test method for tensile properties of
    pultruded glass-fiber reinforced plastic rod
  • BS 2782-1 Flammability test
  • Dade County NOAA Certification: (-219.6 psf)
    — Dynamic Hurricane Test
    — Missile Impact Test
    — Submersion Test
  • ASTM E1592 Dynamic Loading
  • ASTM E283 & E331 Air and Water
  • ASTM E1646 & E1680 Air and Water
  • 100,000 Cycle Thermal Test
  • UL 580 – UL 90 Certification
  • UL Fire Classification “P” Assemblies (37)
  • UL Class A Fire Resistance Rating
  • Sound Transmission Ratings (STC)
  • Factory Mutual Global:
    Windstrom Classification 4471
    — Class 1-90
    — Class 1-105
    — Class 1-120
    — Class 1-180


  • BBA certificate no. 01/3790: KeyBEMO secret fix roof system


abZ certification from DIBt:

  • Z-14.1-182 BEMO-FLAT-ROOF aluminum standing seam roof elements
  • Z-14.1-640 BEMO-FLAT-ROOF steel standing seam roof elements


  • Avis Technique 5/10-2095: BEMO steel /stainless steel 65/305 and 65/400


  • GOST certificate no. POCC DE.Al30.H15270

Independent testing of BEMO systems and components

  • KIT Karlsruhe:
    Fire and usability tests in line with DIN 18234-2 for glass-fiber reinforced BEMO GFK thermal halters
  • KIT Karlsruhe:
    Test report no. 123004-3, cyclic movement tests (100,000 thermal cycles)
  • ENCONSM Consultants, Inc.:
    Cyclic Movement of BEMO standing seam panel system
  • RWTH Aachen University:
    Measurement of the thermal bridging effect of mechanical mounting elements made from glass-fiber reinforced materials for various roof designs
  • Frost resistance test for the glass-fiber reinforced BEMO GFK thermal halter
  • Fraunhofer Institut:
    Measurement of the water vapor permeability of panels with standing seams, with or without integrated rubber seals, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12572 (calculation of the Sd value of standing-seam roofing)
  • Fraunhofer Institut in partnership with GENEST:
    Acoustic insulation testing for two-layer roofing with a standing seam panel in line with DIN EN ISO 140-4
  • ifo, Institut für Oberflächentechnik GmbH:
    Testing of the BEMO-DOME substructure’s resistance to corrosion as defined by DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS
  • Peutz Consult:
    Measurement of airborne sound insulation for two-layer metal roofing systems
  • Water tightness test for rubber seals:
    Test report no. 174823, Istituto Giordano S.p.a. – Campo prove di Via San Mauro 47814 Bellaria (RN)
  • Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt):
    No. Z-14.1-523 for the Prodach® insulation system

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture.

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture