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BEMO Structural Standing Seam Roof

The New Dimension in Metal Roofing Technology is the BEMO-Roof System. BEMO offers Flexibility, Durability, Structural Integrity, Excellent Weather-Performance characteristics and state-of-the-art Manufacturing Technology. The BEMO-Roof system provides the most advanced and versatile structural standing seam roof system available in today’s architecturally demanding market.


With its specialized German Engineered tooling, the architectural capabilities of BEMO are not restricted to just simple or traditional roof configurations. The custom designed curving mill provides the unmatched capability of providing smoothly curved convex and concave panels to radii as tight as 3m. No other structural system in the US can match the combined flexibility and performance characteristics into one system.


BEMO has the unique ability to use two different panel attachment methods. Since the metal industry has continued to evolve and mature, there has been an increase in the demand to use more natural metals like copper, zinc, stainless steel and aluminum. BEMO is able to meet the unique individual design and performance needs of each substrate. Thermal expansion and contraction in long length panels is easily accomplished with BEMO’s exclusive halter system while traditional steel construction panels are held in place by a more conventional method.


The 65mm high standing seam legs are the structural backbone of this panel system. The uplift values achieved in ASTM E-1592 tests are among the highest in the industry. BEMO’s ability to use two distinct clip attachment methods has provided an avenue for Architects and Owners to realize the long-term advantages of using natural metals.


BEMO was designed for the ultimate in high-end performance. Virtually any application, including slopes less that  1/2:12, can be completely weather proofed with the proper details and system components.


While the BEMO Mobile Mill Factories are mobile, they are light years beyond being “portable” roll formers. The German Engineered mills are comprised of state-of-the-art roll forming technology utilizing twelve (12) stations for the forming process. These 18 metric ton mills utilize an ocean going container as their platform for operation and would be equally at home on any manufacturing floor. Since the BEMO Mobile Mill Factories are at the very highest end of the quality spectrum being a “factory” mill, they bring the added benefit of being mobile to provide superior panel quality that is custom fit to a project’s exact field conditions. The curving mills take the very latest in stretch forming techniques and apply them to the smooth curve applications of today’s most demanding designs.

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture.

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture