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About BEMO

Meeting the Demands of Architectural Excellence

The BEMO Roof system provides the most advanced and versatile structural standing seam roofing system available in today’s architecturally demanding market. With its bold lines and uncommon flexibility, the architectural capabilities of BEMO are not restricted to just simple or traditional roof configurations. Designers are free to incorporate all of the desirable attributes of metal into even their most sophisticated projects.

A New Dimension

Sacramento International Airport, USA
Sacramento International Airport, USA

The structural nature of the BEMO Roof gives the designer the opportunity to reduce project costs by minimizing steel requirements and in many cases completely eliminate the need for metal decks. With a seam height of 65mm and standard width offerings of 305 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm, BEMO-Roof panels can be tailored to fit almost any architectural design. The system offers a completely weathertight roof with a life expectancy far exceeding conventional metal roofing applications.

Superior System

A state-of-the-art roof system requires superior components that have been completely engineered and tested. All BEMO components are designed to fully integrate and enhance the overall performance of the whole roof envelope. From our exclusive halters; hook-clips and gable halters, to combination closures and snow-retention systems; you can be assured that the crucial aspects of the thermal and weathering characteristics have been completely addressed for all environmental and climatic conditions. On-going research and development assures our customers that BEMO products and services will meet or exceed the latest industry requirements.

BEMO In the News

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture.

Award-winning revolution in roofing and wall design for free-form architecture